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Tout est joli /

All is pretty

pop song

On the menu, musical fireworks combining pop, rock, blues and progressive country!

Duo from the start, Thierry Devillers and Michel Debrulle, formed this variable geometry group in 1990. The lyrics are always signed by Thierry Devilliers and up to now, they have issued 3 CDs, each one with a different crew:


‘(…) All is Pretty or Tout est Joli, it’s the same thing. Musical poetry mixed with humour and irony, intersected with hope, with doubt on a base of the rhythmic photography of our society. Timeless music surfing on the same wave as the famous Bob Dylan. (…) The duo formed by T. Devillers and M. Debrulle opens its doors to young talented musicians. Their music never ceases to evolve until becoming a genre in itself. Unclassifiable, it is true. We ask for more (...)'

Régine Kerzmann


Thierry Devillers ‘(...) forms the songs of his dreams, of what he reads, of his waking delirium, of his view of the world and the unsavoury. In English or in French, he writes and songs with humour and irony about what he thinks, of what he doubts, of what he secretly hopes beyond hatred. His rock is simple but alive, timeless music which crosses the decades and which swarms here and there between John Cale, Randy Newman, Talking Heads or Bob Dylan'

Etienne Bours - Magazine Imagine


The line-up varies with the seasons and circumstances but never without...

 THIERRY DEVILLERS  fender rhodes, vocals, compositions

 MICHEL DEBRULLE  drums -big case of Binche

On their first album, they were joined by:



 FABRIZIO CASSOL  saxophone soprano, organ pipes, whistling



On Ritournelles, they were joined by:



 MYRIAM MOLLET  percussions

 LARA PERSAIN  singing

 LAURENT DEHORS  clarinets

On Point d’Issue, they were joined by:

 BENOIST EIL  guitars


 ADRIEN LAMBINET  tuba, trombone



You will find Thierry Devillers throughout the long history of the Collectif: collaborations with Trio Bravo, founding member of Glasnotes, actor/singer/dramatist of Est-ce un oiseau-Procès Brancusi, singer/reader of Odyssée 14 of Rêve d’éléphant Orchestra, singer/ crooner in Aux Ames etc and le Bestof