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Sous les pavés


Interactive street spectacle (*) blending jazz, contemporary dance and urban poetry.

Under the paving stones - the beach, the page, the earth, the sky, the revolt, the hope! Five dancers, five musicians, an urban poet and surprise guests for a fun, rough, poetic explosion of lyrical illusion!

Starting point

In May 68, in France, the street became the place for spontaneous, cultural, social and political revolt against capitalism and imperialism. We are in complete revolutionary illusion!
It is also a fun, imaginative explosion and notably with slogans, graffiti, some of which have traversed time.
Since then, movements and events such as the Arab Spring, les Indignés, the Occupy Wall Street in the USA, gay marriage in France, Arcelor Mittal, Femen... Have not ceased to remind us that the public arena remains a special place for protest and demand.
In this instance, the street is not simple a place of passage and (over)consumption, it becomes a territory for concrete, political, poetic, playful expression.
This momentum, this return to the street is the bearer of great creative energy. It inspires us and arouses our desire both to participate in and to confront in the heart of the public arena, artistic disciplines normally seen in expected locations.


(*) Interactive formula

The originality of Sous Les Pavé is that it offers cultural operators, an interactive formula. Upstream, the operator and the Collectif team consider together, the local involvement of artists, of the time or the spirit which will join with the basic team (**) for this street spectacle.

Here are several interactive ideas:

FINAL PARADE minimum participation with +/- 15 persons
Photo panels of the spectacle scrolling by, carries by your volunteers  (10 years old and up).
Other streamers, posters, banners can be made by citizens and/or local associations, knowing that it is rather a poetic demonstration. These local productions blend with existing panels.

FINAL DANCE  collaboration with local dance companies, dance schools...


MUSICAL PARTICIPATION percussionists, horns, choral... For interludes and/or joining the Finale.


OTHER ARTISTIC DISCIPLINES writing (writing workshops, urban poets, slammers and others), graphic arts (art schools, urban graphic artists or others...)… to imagine together.


(**) The basic team is composed of 11 artists + 3 technicians.

 Maria Clara Villa Lobos  Choreographer

 Milan Labouiss, Frauke Mariën, Denis Robert, Roger Vinas Lopez et M.C. Villa 

 Lobos  Dancers

 l’Ami Terrien-François Laurent  Urban poet

 Laurent Dehors  clarinets-saxophones-bagpipes

 Nicolas Dechêne  guitars

 Etienne Plumer, Stephan Pougin et Michel Debrulle  drums-percussion

 Héloïse Mathieu  Costums 

 David Maréchal  Technical management

 Christine Verschorren  Sound


Duration of the spectacle 45minutes. This spectacle can be played two times/day for the same price. It needs a minimum of two hours between two shows.
Spectacle open to all
Gauge: 200-300 persons (more depending upon the location).
Stage: suitable for the musicians maximum 6m/6m height 30 cm
Dance space of 100 m2 on flat ground.
Technical data-sheets for Son et Lumière available.
Sound-check and installation, a minimum of 3 hours once the public address system is in place depending upon the technical data-sheet.
Miscellaneous: A arbor 3/3m for changes of costumes + secure male/female dressing-rooms + one warm-up place for the dancers.