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Our approach

The pedagogy which we have developed is characterised by a practical, deeply felt, embodied approach. By putting your whole body into play, the participant can live the music and the rhythms before analysing them. Our wish is to give them several essential keys by a clear and generous transmission, aiming for autonomy and personal creativity. The Collectif du Lion team and their guests include a large number of artists (musicians, dancers, choreographers, poets, singers...) who are also high-level teachers, active in the higher education for the arts or in the socio-cultural sector in Belgium and abroad. Our pedagogy can express itself through various activities (regular courses, workshops, master classes…) organised by the Collectif du Lion or in partnership with existing institutions.

Several examples: 

• During tours or individual concerts, these musician-educators can hold master classes for musicians, dancers and actors or musical presentations for schools or other institutions.


• We offer classes in improvisation, orchestration, instruments (tubas, trombones, clarinets, sax, traditional and jazz percussion, flutes, trumpets...) and rhythm classes with or without instruments.


• In the area of dance and the art of speaking, the classes offered up to now are those of “Rhythm Without Instruments”, “Rhythm and Movement” and “Rhythm, Words and Movements”.


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Improvise, compose?
Why not me...

— 27 February to 2 March 2017
— 3 to 6 April 2017

After a first 4 year adventure with the « Zap’Pain Perdu » children band, the Collectif du Lion and the Jeunesses Musicales de Liège invite you to 2 workshop immersion in a bathtub filled with improvisation and collective composition. The starting point will be play and experimentation : rhythmic and listening games, sound research, creation of melodic patterns, graphical scores...

This musical project is aimed at children aged 9 to 13 years. (maximum 20 participants).



— rhythm with and without instrument...

Le cœur du Lion bat aux rythmes des batteries, 

The heart of the Lion beats to the rhythm of drum kits, percussion and other drums from here or elsewhere ...

Interested in individual or group lessons? Workshops or Master Classes? Rhythm workshops with and without instruments? WRITE US!

Saxophones, Clarinets

— with Laurent Dehors (F)


What has not been done/played yet with a clarinet, a saxophone? How can you renew your play modes and expression with these instruments?

Several tools will be shared to invite you to explore, get off your beaten track, feed your imagination and your musical style (whatever it be) so as to pick up ideas and see your personal and collective work bounce back… and forth.

Besides being an exceptional musician and composer (Tous Dehors, Mega Octet-Andy Emler, Trio Grande...), Laurent Dehors is an outstanding teacher...

TAKE ADVANTAGE of his coming to Liège on Wednesday 7 December from 3pm to 6pm! Venue : L'Anvert 4, Rue Mathieu Polain. B-4020 Liège.

Fee: 30€

MIN 3 years of instrument practice

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