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Aux Âmes etc.

 Cabaret Genre

It is not a group, it is a place to play and meet.


Aux Âmes etc is an invitation whose starting point is the swing, the groove with words motivated by sense  and poetry: “Poète, vos papiers !” sang Léo Ferré.
One of the driving forces is the de-partitioning of genres and styles. pop-songs, spoken word, rap, literature, poetry…
Each speaker, singer, storyteller, spoonerist or musician offers their writings and their challenges. Confrontation, encounter, desire to mix or not!
It’s a common stage therefore for sharing a revisited cabaret.


Those who have already played the game in previous editions:

 Christine Aventin, Michel Debrulle, Clément Dechambre, Nicolas Dechêne, Thierry Devillers, Benoist Eil, Anne  Gennen, Olivier Kelchtermans, Adrien Lambinet, François Laurent, Véronique Laurent, Lara Persain, Camille  Pier, Adrien Sezuba Rukira 


The first edition was recorded by Homerecords in 2011 under the title ‘Aux âmes etc… Hip-Pop-Song-Citadine Poetry’

“A typical project, Aux âmes etc...takes the form of an intergenerational tavern where artists coming from different horizons mingle genres (hip hop, urban poetry, pop, reading ...) with a view to extracting the essential lifeblood of words: the groove. Said, read, sung, shouted in French or English, the words escape in the same poetic spirit: essential impulsion with several songs with different themes (sex, religion, the state of the world and all its complications).
Hip-Pop-Song-Citadine Poetry is an album a bit nebulous, but totally adventurous: an unlikely meeting place of artists as different (on paper) l'Ami Terrien, Tout est Joli/All is Pretty or Michel Debrulle.
Aux âmes etc ... Makes a definitive statement: never underestimate the power of words."

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