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Animus Anima

Psychedelic jazz

Psychedelic Jazz or the missing link between Pink Floyd and Archie Shepp!

This group joined the Collectif du Lion in 2007. In fits into the aesthetics of the Collectif by its orchestration and its methods of improvisation. The presence of Etienne Plumer, Benoist Eil and today, Stephan Pougin as well as the association of tuba/drums/percussion can only confirm this sentiment.
Up to now, the group has made three CDs.
“Le bénéfice du doute” and “Qu’est-ce que tu crois?”- Yiyu Production- and “Résidence sur la terre” with IGLOO

This particular encounter between musician coming from very different horizons produces a contrasting cocktail; visionary incandescence, ironic auto-derision, furious jazz-rock/ lyrical, sensual ballads, honed composition/total improvisations. A concert of committed, lyrical and very varied energies (the direction of the voyage).
The group provides a rare orchestration and a sound with an unexpected texture.

“Animus anima, when it appeared was not so much jazz as bebop. (...) Research performed by not so crazy savants, by artists who know how to play, by (and for) people with an instinct anchored in their inquiring daily lives.” Philippe Dethy


Animas Anima offers two formulae:

• The basic crew is a quartet.

• The team on the new album ‘Résidence sur la Terre’

Line up of the “basic team”

 NICOLAS ANKOUDINOFF  saxophones, composition

 BENOIST EIL  guitar



Line up ‘Résidence sur la Terre’

ditto +

 BART MARIS  trumpet

 STEPHAN POUGIN  percussion

Several words on this subject :

“Residence Sur La Terre” developed through seven tableaux and two interludes.
The title was chosen to reflect the emotional states which nature inspires us with.
The titles of the tableaux testifies to this; 1.Atmosphère atmosphère, 2.Nomad’s land, 3.Marée Basse, 4.Baloo Stardust, 5.Argile de tes Mains, 6.Terre Eve, 7.Zaaien (donc nous sommes).   
As for the orchestration: tuba and/or tenor or baritone electric guitar can alternate with the role of bass, drums and percussion, opening the polyrhythmic field (the first tableau is a groove which blends the rhythms in 4 and 11); trumpet and tenor sax, are sometimes soloists, sometimes “organists” with the support of the tuba a in Marée Bass; always these contrasts: inspired lyricism/deep grooves, refined melodies/noisy ambiance, light irony/sincere candour.


 Animus Anima's website > 




J.C. Vantroyen - Le Soir

"(...) It's a sound adventure that strikes the listener right and touches the brain, the heart and the body. An album to listen to several times in a row to soak up. And so appreciate it."

"(...) On dirait parfois du Bach mode fanfare: très inattendu, très frais, très ironique, très baroque et très réussi. (...)

Un album à écouter plusieurs fois pour comprendre sa vraie richesse."